We are Cylix, with a focus on providing solutions to your Information Technology needs. We have played key role in providing rapid cost effective solutions to many startups and established Healthcare and Financial Institutions.

With a team of strong and dedicated information technology professionals, our company's focus is dedicated to providing industry solutions in various areas, particularly to Healthcare and Financial areas. We offer the state-of-art talent, pooled knowledge and rich experience required to provide totally integrated Application Solutions that address the needs and objectives of clients. We deliver on what the businesses require - real business solutions.

The Company’s expertise is focused on Industry Solutions in five(5) core areas; Data Warehousing, Quality Assurance, Java, Applications, and Networking. These five areas of expertise, along with our Staffing Group and Offshore delivery capabilities provide our clients a wide array of applications, including real-time systems, online systems, embedded systems, process control, transaction processing, image processing, data communications, networking, parallel architectures, e-commerce technologies and database management.


Harveen Kaur
Harveen started her career in Risk Management Consultancy in Silicon Valley (California) to RMS, Menlo Park and later moved on to Union Bank of California in San Francisco. She has had over 10 years of experience in providing technology consultancy to various organizations. Throughout her career, she successfully handled Internet, hardware, software, medical device manufacturers and biotechnology accounts. Her education has been as diverse as her work experience. She is a Botany graduate with post grad in Software Export from GNX, NIIT.