Cylix is the largest professional services firm dedicated to delivering end-to-end Solutions. Working in an innovative and collaborative team environment, our people focus on the delivery of transformational solutions helping clients to unlock their full potential and achieve high performance. We hold resource capacity in high demand skillsets like Java, .NET, Web Designing, Networking, Database, UNIX and reporting tools. The Company's expertise is focused on Industry Solutions in these core areas:
Data Warehousing
ERP Services
Quality Assurance

Data Warehousing

Cylix leveraged its skills and expertise in data warehousing and online analytical processing (OLAP) marketing, and set up a focused data warehousing (DWH) and Business Intelligence (BI) practice, which has been since extended to the entire US. We are now trying to build dedicated solutions in industry verticals - like manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, banking, automobiles, government, insurance and utilities.

We have built a solid foundation for Cylix's future growth in this area by establishing strategic, mutually rewarding business relationships with two major OLAP and BI vendors. Our growing customer base reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction, and success in converting each new client into a long-term business partner.

Cylix has implemented DWH solutions at multiple sites, using data from servers worldwide. Our solutions started out as small data marts and grew to company-wide data warehouses. This stepwise implementation allowed early deliverables and better user acceptance.

Platforms used included workstations and servers from Sun, SGI and HP, Windows NT servers, Windows 95 / 98 and Mac clients. We bring in not just technical skills, but rich experience in application areas like marketing, sales, human resources, finance, etc. The DWH and BI practice presently has many members worldwide, and is constantly growing, enabling us to provide focused consulting and design services to the business intelligence world.

Complete analysis of functional needs.

Data Warehousing
Data mart and data warehouse design, using data modeling techniques.
Data warehouse creation at multiple sites from multiple servers 'Jump-starting' client projects with our in-depth knowledge of Business Objects, Brio, Cognos, Impromptu and Powerplay, Micro-Strategy, Informatica and Data Stage
Web-enabling of data warehouses and complimentary reporting
OLAP tool implementations on the web
Single sign on, using LDAP and web servers
Expertise with databases such as Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Informix and Teradata
Writing ad hoc queries and reports
Integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions such as SAP, Oracle, etc
Integration with eCommerce to build near-real-time data warehouse access
Integration with customer relationship management (CRM) tools such as Siebel, Clarify and Oracle CRM.

ERP Services

With a history of over 10 years as a leading enterprise application consulting provider and access to Cylix's more than 250 resources with deep domain experience, Cylix is a leader in providing application and business expertise to clients in a wide range of industries. Our solutions for several industries, help clients manage change, facilitate global consistency, grow their business, and most importantly, leverage the power of the Internet to revolutionize and streamline their businesses.

Today, the Internet provides a valuable channel for communication and transactions - fundamental business systems are increasingly being delivered as self-service applications, with critical information distributed electronically to those who need it. Tomorrow, it will enable organizations to work collaboratively with their customers, vendors, suppliers and partners to improve quality and increase customer satisfaction while reducing cost.


The emergence of Web Technologies has created a new competitive environment for businesses, one in which many traditional barriers to competition no longer exist. The Web has enabled organizations of all types and sizes to create new sales opportunities, enhance customer service, improve efficiencies, reduce costs and improve communication. Buyers are now able to choose products and services by electronically researching data from a wide spectrum of vendors, often without regard to geographic location. In light of these factors, we believe that Business Technology strategies are critical to success in today's marketplace.

A substantial amount of capital is being invested to make businesses more efficient and competitive through the use of the Internet and electronic communications. Competition in virtually all industries is increasing, often from the emergence of companies with new business models that challenge established industry players. These traditional businesses must redefine or refocus their businesses to succeed in this new economy or risk being overtaken by competitors.

Quality Assurance

Cylix consultants can offer the clients a wide range of Software Quality Assurance Solutions. We have expertise in the following areas and we provide services to the best satisfaction of our clients. Our consultants have been trained on different automated software test tools and obtained certifications. Our QA team's strong programming knowledge background help them to apply more advanced scripting techniques to optimize the testing staff and their technical skill sets requirement.

Quality Assurance Methodologies such as
Development of Test Methodology
Documentation for Unit and System Testing

Manual and Automated Testing Solutions
Unit, Regression, Integration, and System Testing
Provide complete solutions on usage of Winrunner, SQA Robot, and Rational Robot including develop and execute test automation scripts
Stress/Load Test
Determine systems (application, servers, database, network, middleware etc,) ability to support different users loads
Determine systems (application, servers, database, network, middleware etc,) ability to support different concurrent user loads
Identify system behavior and system bottle necks under load-stress conditions
Develop, Debug and Execute automated GUI and Virtual user scripts mated developed using test tools

Performance Test
Determine End-to-End and Back End Response time in Client Server, Webserver Application’s under different user and concurrent user loads.